26 Best Shopify Apps For Your Store In 2021

As we speak, Shopify is powering over 800,000 stores, providing each of those sellers 126% average annual growth. It achieves this by offering world-leading flexibility, letting you build the exact type of store your customers need using hundreds of possible Shopify apps.

You’re short on time, so we’ve hand-picked our favorite apps to help turbocharge any aspect of your business, including:

  • Optimizing your store
  • Building loyalty, referrals, and social proof
  • Securing and boosting sales
  • Increasing customer delight
  • Integrating with other platforms

Shopify apps to optimize your store



What it does: Kit uses AI to give your digital marketing a boost. Facebook, Instagram, and email campaigns targeted at the right people run 24/7, with analytics and reporting backing up results.
Key features: Dynamic Facebook ads, audience targeting, personalized thank you messages, custom discount codes, fast reporting. 
Cost: Free



What it does: Klaviyo lets you gather customer behavior data and use that to create and target automated marketing campaigns. 
Key features: Pre-built email flows, customizable for most common triggers. Combine data from multiple locations, audience segmentation and personalization features.
Cost: Free for up to 200 subscribers and 500 emails.

Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO

What it does: Plug in SEO checks all the fiddly bits of your store like page titles, metadata, and load time. It then presents a shopping list of quick wins to boost your visibility in search.
Key features: Metadata templating, bulk editing, keyword tools, Google integration, updated in line with changes to Google’s algorithm.
Cost: Free for the basic app, $20 per month for the pro version with expanded features.

Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO

What it does: Bulk Image Edit addresses a critical but often-overlooked element of SEO: images. Not only does it help optimize metadata, it can reduce image size for faster page loading, which Google loves.
Key features: Multi-platform image formatting, watermarking option, ability to update in bulk, automatic editing in line with customizable templates.
Cost: Free for up to 50 image edits per month. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

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SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero

What it does: SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero puts your SEO in context by taking data and comparing it to high-performance Shopify stores. That lets you see which elements of the audit are the most important to address.
Key features: In-depth site ranking, benchmarked analytics, clear actionable output.
Cost: Free.

Shopify apps to build loyalty and social proof

Smile Rewards and Loyalty

What it does: Smile.io offers a loyalty program, incentivizing customers to follow and share your brand on social media. Rewards can be personalized for a more interactive experience.
Key features: Loyalty points tracking, VIP rewards, even a fully customizable reward plan for paying customers.
Cost: Basic features are free. Upgraded features start at $50 per month.

Referral Candy

Referral Candy

What it does: Referral Candy incentivizes shoppers to refer their friends and family to you by offering customizable rewards for bringing in new customers. Free gifts, vouchers, money off, whatever works for you.
Key features: Custom rewards, broad eCommerce platform integration, referral widget, pop-ups and prompts with the freedom to add your own branding.
Cost: 30-day free trial. Premium package starts at $49 per month.


What it does: TrustPulse leverages social proof via popups showing other shoppers’ activity in real time. People tend to trust their fellow shoppers over marketing, so this can prove highly effective.
Key features: Real-time event tracking, smart targeting, flexible design options, reporting and analytics.
Cost: Free for up to 500 sessions per month. 1,000 sessions costs $4 per month, scaling all the way up to one million sessions at $350 per month.

Product Reviews

What it does: Product Reviews lets customers add reviews to your products on Shopify, giving you both glowing feedback and a chance to gauge your performance.
Key features: Design automatically matches your store, simple customization, easy data export, SEO integration.
Cost: Free



What it does: UserGems finds people who are actively promoting you on social media to large audiences. You’re presented with this list of potential influencers, from which you can select the most appropriate to build a deeper relationship.
Key features: Easily identify influencers, micro-influencers, and journalists writing in your product niche.
Cost: Free for up to 100 monthly users. Paid plans start at £19 per month.

Social Photos

What it does: Social Photos spots when customers post pictures of themselves with your products on Instagram and pulls together a gallery. This organic user-generated content is then directly linked to your store.
Key features: Collect, display, and link content automatically. Analytics to spot high-performing content.
Cost: 30-day free trial, paid plans start at $10 per month.

Instagram Shop by Snapppt

What it does: Snapppt’s Instagram Shop bridges the gap between your feed full of content and your store where the magic happens. Curate a selection of images on a dedicated Snapppt profile, with individual products each linked to a point of sale.
Key features: Embeddable profile, live feed, analytics to track high-performing images.
Cost: Free.


What it does: Instafeed drives fresh visual content to your store, straight from your Instagram feed. Pick the photos or videos that show your business at its best, with no hassle.
Key features: Automatic updates. Paid version unlocks product tagging, hashtag filters, and the ability to integrate with multiple feeds.
Cost: Free for basic features. Paid versions are $3.99 and $9.99 per month.

Give and Grow

Give & Grow

What it does: Give and Grow makes it easier to practice corporate social responsibility. Choose from millions of charitable organizations and split a donation with your customer when they make a purchase.
Key features: Real-time donation tracking, impact calculator, full receipting for tax purposes.
Cost: Free.

Shopify apps to secure and boost sales



What it does: PushOwl lets you send automated cart push notifications to re-engage visitors to your store, cut down on cart abandonment, and boost those all-important sales.
Key features: Abandoned cart reminders, restock notifications, shipping notifications, feedback and review prompts, personalized campaigns.
Cost: Free for the basic package, business packages start at $19 per month.

Candy Rack

What it does: Candy Rack helps with upselling and cross-selling on Shopify. It does this via popups showing relevant related products when shoppers add a product to their shopping cart.
Key features: Intuitive upselling, custom design and messaging, auto-upselling based on Shopify’s product recommendation API.
Cost: 14-day free trial, with paid packages from $39.99 per month.

Recom.ai: Upsell and Cross-sell

What it does: Recom.ai lets you set automatic product recommendations, which you’re free to customize, creating a tailored Shopify experience.
Key features: Customizable slider widgets, multi-attribute targeting.
Cost: Free for up to 500 widget views, pricing starts at $29.99 per month.


What it does: Shopcodes lets you create your own QR codes and easily link them to online content, or directly to your store.
Key features: Create and link QR codes, track conversions, incentivize purchases through discount vouchers.
Cost: Free.



What it does: OptinMonster bills itself as the world’s leading conversion optimization software. It helps with email subscribers, cart abandonment rates, and direct sales conversion.
Key features: Responsive popups, floating bar opt in, slide-in scroll boxes, spin-the-wheel games, and more. There’s a lot to play with here.
Cost: From $9 per month for the basic package, to $49 per month for the high-end Growth package.

Shopify apps to increase customer delight


Shopify apps to increase customer delight - Wonderment

What it does: Wonderment is the #1 order tracking platform for Shopify Plus stores. Top brands like Kettle & Fire, Ridge Wallet, Hydrant, and Three Ships use Wonderment for end-end order status visibility, accurate and on-time order status notifications for customers, including delayed shipment notifications, branded tracking pages that enable you a chance to upsell the customer’s favourite products. 
Key features: Complete visibility into shipments, prevent WISMO tickets with proactive customer notification, automated shipping notification via Klaviyo, Postscript & Attentive, stalled shipment notification (even before your carrier detects it).
Cost: Free plan (500 orders/month) and paid plan starts at $49/month.

Shopify apps to integrate with other platforms

Facebook Shop Channel

What it does: Facebook Shop Channel turns your Facebook page into a shopping outlet, giving your products greater visibility and driving engagement on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms.
Key features: Add a shop to your Facebook page, manage and fulfil orders, track sales.
Cost: Free. 

Messenger Channel

What it does: Messenger Channel, much like Facebook Shop Channel, adds eCommerce functionality to Facebook Messenger, letting you make sales and handle customer service directly.
Key features: Shoppers can browse products in messenger, communicate via custom messages, track sales.
Cost: Free.

Buy Button Channel

What it does: The Shopify Buy Button does exactly what it claims to do. It lets you add a simple, engaging buy button on any website, letting shoppers make purchases from any touchpoint.
Key features: Embed carts, products, and collections. Customizable interface.
Cost: Free with Shopify.

Facebook Live Chat

What it does: Facebook Live Chat adds customer support via Messenger to your shop, nice and easy. With so many people using the platform, it’s a simply but highly worthwhile integration for your store.
Key features: Save your chat history, fast integration with no coding.
Cost: Starts at $12.99 per month, up to $79.99 per month for all features.



What it does: Printful lets you sell all sorts of printed merch on demand without the need to hold loads of stock. List your designs and products on your store, and Printful will produce and ship items on your behalf.
Key features: Design assistance, huge range of items, warehousing and fulfilment done for you.
Cost: Depends on the product.


What it does: Oberlo offers a similar dropshipping service to Printful, but goes beyond printed items. They stock a huge range of items with which you can build the perfect offer for your target audience.
Key features: Millions of products from around the world, warehousing and fulfilment done for you.
Cost: Free starter plan. Basic plan is $29.90 per month, pro plan is $79.90 per month.

Final thoughts

Shopify makes it incredibly easy to tailor an eCommerce experience around your ideal customer. You can also leverage data to give yourself a clearer picture of that customer, and evolve your business alongside them.

Using these apps, you provide a better service so customers find what they need faster, and you make more sales. That’s a win-win everyone can appreciate.

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