What life is really like as an Amazon FBA seller

13 min read

Is Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) really as good as some sellers make out? Full-disclosure, it's definitely not suitable for every business. We take a look at the most common pitfalls that sellers need to be aware of, as well getting the experts' opinions on to make FBA work for you and your business.

9 ways to minimize your multi-channel fulfillment costs

11 min read

With so many sellers operating on multiple platforms and marketplaces, we asked our friends at Veeqo for advice on how sellers can keep their fulfillment costs down. They've come back to us with 9 amazing tips to help you become more efficient and save money.

How to keep the cost of shipping large items down

7 min read

As an online seller of oversized goods, shipping large items to the buyer is one of your biggest expenses. Here's how you can reduce your costs.

What is eDesk?

eDesk is the ultimate help desk for online sellers. It’s purpose-built for eCommerce, enabling you to resolve customer queries across each of your marketplaces and channels from one central mailbox.

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