How to compete with the Amazon policies that are stealing your customers

5 min read

If at times it feels like Amazon is simply too big to compete with as an independent seller, then you are not alone. Amazon may hold all the cards, but that doesn't there's nothing you can you. Here's some fantastic advice on what you can do to make yourself competitive again.

Seller beware! The warning signs that it's time to get a help desk.

9 min read

Early on as a business, customer support isn't all that complicated. As your business grows, things become more complicated. A backlog builds and your SLAs suffer. These are the warning signs that you need a help desk.

4 creative ways to utilize your negative customer feedback

6 min read

There's more to negative customer feedback than just trying to avoid it. Here's how to start applying it to your strategies to improve your business overall

What is eDesk?

eDesk is the ultimate help desk for online sellers. It’s purpose-built for eCommerce, enabling you to resolve customer queries across each of your marketplaces and channels from one central mailbox.

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