Product Update - June, 2019

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The eDesk team have been working to design and enhance features for our eCommerce helpdesk so our customers can halve the time and cost of support.

Please see some of the latest updates below:

Create your own AI templates

The perfect match between productivity and personalisation. You can now create customised AI templates, which you can use to reply in one click. Do so using existing templates or create new ones. Visit the templates section and use the AI Category drop-down to get started.


eDesk - AI Templates Fixed

Send your AI templated response in one click

You can also select a template to use with the magic button feature. Select the tick-box for Quick reply template, and if the AI thinks that the response is relevant to any incoming mail, you'll be able to click the magic button for a one-click response.



In-product notifications

You can now keep up to date on new features, important updates and critical messages from within eDesk.
Keep an eye out for the new icon which will appear in the top right-hand corner of your account icon!


New Feedback Tab

You may have noticed a change to the look of your eDesk dashboard. We’ve recently added a new tab labeled Feedback. This is the new home from which you can manage how you target customers to ensure the best possible feedback.



Extended Feedback Automation

You can also now manage feedback from more marketplaces and e-commerce platforms with eDesk. The eDesk Feedback feature now works with the following platforms:


Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 10.59.13


Quicker insights for specific Marketplaces

The visibility of your online business just got better. We have released new dashboards specific to Amazon, eBay and Walmart. These dashboards will give you unique insights to these marketplaces. We're hoping to further develop these dashboards in the coming months to gather more useful data from your marketplaces.


eDesk - Channels Dashboard


We’ve also made a host of UI tweaks to make eDesk better and easier to use.


Our mission is to simplify and solve eCommerce for online sellers. We hope you find these features useful. As always our sales and support team are on hand for any queries you might have.


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