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Aoife Keane |

  3 minutes reading time | Jan 11, 2019 3:38:52 PM

Our team have been busy enhancing eDesk’s functionality. Here’s a list of the most recent updates that help our customers offer top class support and get five star feedback.

AI suggestions

We are continuously working to improve the user experience. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) plays an important role in helping our clients resolve tickets and queries efficiently. You can now view all A.I categories and their associated templates. This means it’s now easier to select the correct response template. Average handling time is reduced by 20% which will lead to more tickets handled per user over time.


There will be more improvements coming in Q1 FY19 to improve this feature.


Quick Snooze Option

The Snooze feature allows an agent to put a ticket on hold temporarily. Updates to this feature include a quick snooze option, custom date range and alerts. The addition of a countdown means you are able to see clearly when the snooze period will end.  


Once you un-snooze a ticket it will pop back into the category it originated from. The quick alert will also notify ticket owners when a snoozed ticket has become active again. Don’t worry your customers will not know that their ticket is snoozed. (1)



Improved Chat Feature

The chat feature now has a fresh new look. This feature is really useful if you have a webstore. All welcome and waiting messages can be customized based on your company branding, ethos, etc. Customers automatically receive a visual cue when a live agent joins a chat session.


Active Channel Filter Shortcut

You can now easily see all your connected channels on the list view page of your mailbox by clicking the channel filter button. All your connected channels will drop down and appear in icon format.


You can select the channel you want to filter by and view all tickets that came from that specific channel. The logo of the channel is clearly visible in the right hand corner and is a reminder to users that their view is filtered. Exiting the filtered view is done by simply by clicking on the channel filter button a second time.





One Click Search Bar

The search feature is now available in one click. Search is the fastest way to find customers and conversations in your mailbox. The magnifier icon is located in the top right of the mailbox page. Clicking on the icon will open up the search field and the agent can start typing their search straightaway.

Onboarding Flow

It’s now super easy to get setup on eDesk. To avoid onboarding overwhelm, we’ve made every step as simple as possible. With the new onboarding flow you can see exactly where you are in the process and what channels you have connected. We've also created a number of videos to help you get started. You can watch all our videos here.


ShipStation Integration

eDesk puts all the data you need to solve a problem right there in front of you, so you can send fast, personalized responses. Our partner integration with ShipStation means you can now see delivery tracking information right there alongside the customer query. 




With a single click you can now track order fulfillment and see all the information specific to that delivery.

Click here to get started.


We’ve also made a host of UI tweaks to make eDesk better and easier to use.

Our mission is to simplify and solve eCommerce for online sellers. We hope you find these features useful. As always our sales and support team are on hand for any queries you might have.


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