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  1 minutes reading time | Feb 5, 2019 12:18:09 PM

Here at eDesk we are continuously striving to offer the best user experience for our customers. With that, we are delighted to announce that FinancesOnline has recently awarded us the Rising Star Award and Premium Usability Award 2019. FinancesOnline is a popular platform for SaaS and B2B software product reviews and their experts have written an extensive review on eDesk. It covers all the key eDesk features, benefits, along with three problems that it can help solve.

With an impressive overall score of 8.0 and 100% for user satisfaction, it is confirmation that eDesk is one of the best options for online sellers in FinancesOnline’s best help desk software reviews. Our goal is to provide a powerful eCommerce platform that centralizes all your marketplaces and channels into one inbox. With the help of unique features such as AI generated responses and pre-built templates, sellers can respond to transactional queries in one-click. Detailed reports will ensure that you keep increasing customer satisfaction and your support team’s productivity.

Make sure you check out the review on FinancesOnline. It provides a full description on all the exciting industry-specific help desk software features of eDesk. If you already are using eDesk please feel free to leave a review for us! This is a great start to the year and we can’t wait to see what else 2019 brings!

What is eDesk?

eDesk is the ultimate help desk for online sellers. It’s purpose-built for eCommerce, enabling you to resolve customer queries across each of your marketplaces and channels from one central mailbox.

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