5 Ways eBay promoted listings could help boost your sales

As paid advertising service, eBay Promoted Listings is an opportunity to get your inventory in front of more potential customers. If used effectively it could give your sales figures a great boost.

eBay Promoted Listings are eligible to appear more often in prominent locations – similar to paid search engine ads.

Judging by the success of Amazon Sponsored Products which half of all sellers are estimated to use, eBay’s paid service could certainly help sellers make a big splash.

Read the five key advantages of eBay Promoted Listings for sellers below.

1. More eyes on your products

Promoted listings is a new way to increase a product’s visibility to more buyers and create more sales.

Higher demand items with better selling prospects can be promoted to more potential buyers. Sales made with promoted listings should also favorably impact your ‘best match’ listings by driving more traffic to them. It’s less effective for unique items like antiques and collectibles, where best match search terms are very specific, and there’s far less competition.

At present, the only types of items excluded are those with “Auction” or “Auction Buy It Now” listings.

2. No sale, no fee

You specify a rate for each promoted item, ranging from 1% to 20% of final sale price. The specified percentage of the final sale price, plus selling and listing fees goes to eBay. You’re only charged when a customer clicks on your promoted ad and goes on to purchase the item within 30 days. The amount you pay is based on the rate you’d set at the time the buyer first clicked your ad.

If the item is returned or the buyer doesn’t pay, you’re eligible for free ad credits. If the item doesn’t sell, you don’t pay.

Each week, eBay updates its fees, with a clear breakdown by category. You can find those rates here.

Promoted Listings Fees

And example of eBay rates for Promoted Listings in terms of categories.

3. Super easy setup

The price, image and product description for your advert are pulled from your original eBay listing. In that sense, it’s a actually a very simple process, provided all of the correct pieces are in place to begin with.

It’s simple to promote multiple listings with bulk uploads. You also have complete control over the length of your campaigns. Stop or start your ads whenever you want.

It’s still crucial that your listings themselves are optimized for conversions. Otherwise, your Promoted Listings are not going to see a return.

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4. Targeted campaigns

The factors that dictate where and when an ad is seen are ad rate, listing quality and relevancy. The more you invest in an ad the more visible it is. Competing on popular, high value items in highly competitive categories means bidding more.

If you sell products that are seasonal, event-based, or likely to sell on public holidays, give them more exposure with campaigns that you set up in advance.

eBay actually suggests using Promoted Listings to further push your best-selling items. The idea here is that these items are optimized in terms of conversions (images, pricing etc) so although you’d be giving up a percentage of the sale, you should in theory be selling a much greater volume of units and ultimately making a better amount of profit overall.

It’s potentially a risk, but certainly worth trialing initially to see if works for you.

Don’t necessarily take eBay’s advice as the final word on the matter, however. Many sellers have reported success using Promoted Listings to encourage sales of slower-moving items.

Again, it’s about trying things out to see what best works for your business.

5. Detailed reporting

Detailed performance data is readily available to optimize your campaign strategies. Your seller dashboard contains:

  • The number of impressions your promoted ads have generated
  • Clicks from potential buyers on your ads
  • The total number of promoted ads that led to a sale
  • The ad rate for every item and fee you’ll be charged
  • Total items sold and amount earned

Promoted Listings Dashboard

Anything that increases product visibility, improves sales and adds to the bottom line has to be a good thing. In that respect, Promoted Listings can be rewarding for sellers who know how to use it smartly.

Ultimately, like every decision in e-commerce, it has to be cost-effective. You can read more about working out your net margin on eBay here. 

Only you can be the judge of how suitable Promotional Listings are for your business. 

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